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MOPED is a digital media company that intersects storytelling and technology to mobilize audiences, catalyze conversation and drive impact.


We distill, develop and implement story-based strategies that elevate, inspire and influence across multiple social impact spaces.


We've created branded, educational, thought-leadership and documentary content and screenings in education, the arts, impact entrepreneurship, healthcare, end-of-life, social justice and women's rights.


We create meaningful, transformative, content-based experiences that move you towards your goals. Let's get in the conversation.


What We Do

Bright Idea Bulb

Story Strategy

Building a Throughline

Story is not an end result. It's a strategy to drive an ongoing conversation. We create and develop multi-platform concepts and story strategies for social impact, to get your audience's attention moving in the right direction both on and offline.

Planning + Production

Customizing Conversations

We manage all the details - the things you see and don't see - to produce conversations and content customized to the needs of your impact space. We streamline production management to deliver efficient schedules, appropriate production environments and an empowering space to create authentic content.

Video Production
Video Editing Station


Your Story as a Vehicle

We create a canvas for your story, and craft each piece to keep your audience engaged, moved and inspired. What MOPED delivers becomes a driving force for heightened visibility, deeper understanding, and greater success in audience outreach, education and impact.

Impact Activations

Bringing Content to Life

We produce immersive environments that transform content into a space for learning, building audience relatedness and developing ongoing resources, conversations and community impact beyond the event itself. Create a storytelling journey with content.

Screening Event


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All Categories
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"American Haze" - Take 5, Season 2 (Full Episode)

MOPED Current Social Impact Reel

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CDC Clean Air Campaign

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MOPEDs First Social Impact Reel

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Nine West Social Impact Sizzle

Moore Foundation - Eliminating Preventable Harms

University of San Francisco Integrated Healthcare Clinic and Lab Fundraising Video

IMPACT-ICU Interview - Palliative Care and ICU Nurse's Scope of Practice

IMPACT ICU Conversation - Nurse + Family Member

St. Nicholas Home Final

American Cancer Society Honoree Video - Malik Yoba

Mark Thornton Speaker Sizzle Reel

Artist Sahba Shere Bio Video

TCG #LegacyLeaders of Color Video Project Sizzle

TCG I AM THEATER - Olympia Dukakis

America Reframed - The Medicine Game Documentary Promo

AAPIP - Building Democratic Philanthropy

Fenton - No Peace Without Justice

Twestival for Concern Worldwide

New Heights Game Changers Ball "Teamwork" Video

Urban Assembly 2011

EngageNY ELA Studio Talk - Getting Started with P-2 Literacy

TRACED Chapter 1

Ariane de Bonvoisin Speaker Sizzle Reel

The Team

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Mo Isern

Founder, CEO, Executive Producer

Mo started off as a tv reporter in North Florida / South Georgia, and found out early on that she loved producing stories with heart. After several years in digital content production for various networks and nonprofits in NYC, including starting off as one of the first producers at MTV's college network mtvU, she started MOPED in 2007 to focus on creating stories around social issues that stand out and move people into action.


Mo has received White House and Webby accolades for her work in storytelling and editing, and has been a part of Emmy-winning productions.

Ashley Faison

Co-Founder, MOPED Impact Lab

Ashley Faison, LCSW, was at the kitchen table when MOPED was originated, and has been a dedicated advisor, impact partner and co-producer for 15 years. She is a non-profit brand development strategist, photographer, designer, children’s author, and professional fundraiser. Currently she's responsible for the development and growth of New Heights Youth, a sports-based youth development NPO in Harlem, NYC. She was appointed the 2016-17 Interim President of the Waterfront School Foundation and holds a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from Florida State University.


Her prior work has included rebranding and launching the School Change Team Model for Change for Kids (CFK); founding the Society for the American Theatre during her time at Theatre Communications Group (TCG); founding Project HOPE, the Artist Guild and Community Gardens for Hospice and Community Care; and was a start-up member for the multi-million federally funded System of Care Children's Mental Health Initiative (YouthNet) to rethink youth mental health services in rural South Carolina in partnership with DMHSC, Center for Mental Health Services, SAMHSA, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


"What we wanted was to make sure that we could get high quality videos, that they looked good and that we could work with someone who could understand the content and the educational need for the final pieces. You were upfront about budgeting and gave good advice about what was worth spending on. Everyone is very happy with the end results.”

Wendy Anderson, MD -
Associate Professor of Medicine, IMPACT-ICU

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